6 de julho de 2013

Beauty Essentials

Is not easy found beaut products that I really like, but now I get it. Caudalie products are the best and are perfectly suited to my skin. All Caudalie's products contains vine extracts that make them unique.

1. Soleil Divine - Perfect for summer, because is good moisturizing and protect protect from sun (SPF 50).

2. Huille Divine - Leaves the skin glowing and hydrated and don't leave the skin greasy.

3. Eau de Beauté - Is it hot in Portugal and I no longer know what to do to refresh myself. With Eau de Beauté I get more fresh, it's with me all day. Beyond refreshing, it fix makeup too.

4. Instant Foaming Cleanser - I always use the foam after the cleanser to remove the remnants of makeup that are in the skin. This way I'm sure that my skin is completely clean.

5. Lotion Tonique - I always exaggerating a bit, then the foam still use this tonic. This product is excellent as well as toning the skin, moisturizes it.

6. Crème Sorbet Hydratant - Lastly I will speak from my favorite product. It is not just a moisturizer, but the best cream I have ever used, it's perfect for my skin. My face skin is oily in some spots and dry in others, and with this cream I get a optimal balance.

Have a great weekend,

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